Øg rækkevidden for UR robotter

Extended operating range thanks to a universal robot to increase productivity and save costs. No hardware/software upgrades required. Direct positioning access within the UR control environment.

Varenr. UR/35005

Vejl. pris: 37.650 kr.

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Yderligere beskrivelse

Vertical axis for collaborative robots (Cobots).
Cobots are often used for palletising but reach their limits as soon as the pallet stack reaches a certain height. The easy-to-assemble LIFTKIT increases the reach of the Cobot by moving it along a vertical axis.
The base of the Cobot can be raised or lowered during palletising so that it is always in an optimum working position. This increased range improves productivity and reduces costs.
The UR-LIFTKIT is a ready-to-install system and includes a telescopic column with a UR mounting interface, a controller and a software plug-in for robots from Universal Robots (UR Cap) so that movements can be programmed directly via the UR controller.
The UR mounting plate and column are equipped with additional threaded holes so that external cable systems can be connected.

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UR-robotter er fleksible og brugervenlige robotter som kan indgå i en bred vifte af applikationer. Klik og se hvor mange muligheder der egentlig er med UR robotter lige her

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