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WINGMAN Tool Changer System

Automatic & Manual Tool Changer

The WINGMAN Tool Changer System provides EASY automatic and manual tool change on your UR robot.

All in one – Plug and Play – Right out of the box.

The WINGMAN is installed and deployed for automatic tool change in few minutes with your favorite UR robot and robot tools - Plug and Play.

Varenr. UR/51000

Vejl. pris: 19.950 kr.

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Yderligere beskrivelse

With automatic tool change, your UR robot will be able to deploy more tools, complete more work and generate more output.


  • Automatic and manual tool change in one device.
  • Plug and Play in few minutes.
  • Patented Fail-Safe locking mechanism.
  • Super compact and super strong (Rated payload 33 kg and only 30 mm high)
  • Designed and tested for cobot safety (ISO/TS 15066).
  • Two (2) integrated M5 ports for pass-through of compressed air or vacuum.
  • Click-on modules with two (2) M7 ports for pass-through of high flow compressed air or vacuum.
  • Click-on modules with std. UR connectors (M8/8pin) for pass-through of electricity.
  • All tool changer parts are surface treated high grade aluminum.
  • Compact holder that holds the robot tools when they are not located on the robot.
  • URcap software.

How does it work?

The WINGMAN is an all mechanical “new school” automatic tool changer device that does not need compressed air to activate the couple and decouple mechanism unlike traditional “old school” tool changers. Automatic tool change only depends on the robots movement through space to work. This means that anyone that can teach waypoints on an UR robot can install and deploy the WINGMAN Tool Changer System in few minutes – No need for compressed air installations, hoses, air valves and associated I/O setup.

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